How can stem cells cure arthritis – An Orthopedic Disability

The debate on Stem Cell Therapy is quite popular among experts and researchers. In the light of some recent researches we will give you some information on why and how can stem cells cure arthritis.

Why are stem cells different?

Having the ability to develop themselves into any tissue depending on their surroundings makes the cells special. Its possible for them to turn into cartilage, bone, muscle, ligament, tendon and fat. Easy extraction of these cells is an advantage for researchers. They also release anti-inflammatory factors. Therefore, helps in healing and lessen pain. Artificial creation of some tissues with the use of these cells can benefit both the researchers and patients.

Stem Cells to Cure Osteoarthritis

The application of stem cells into the the affected area i.e. arthritis joint happens during the surgery. Similarly, injecting directly into the joint is also a way of using stem cells for the treatment.

how to treat arthritis using stem cell therapy
Injecting stem cells directly in the knee affected

As mentioned above, its not difficult for these cells to adjust themselves to their surroundings. Hence its not much of an issue for doctors and researchers to hypothesize them.

For being precise, many physicians use medical imaging. With the help of these images, delivery of the cells to the site of the damage is easy. Resulting in effectiveness of the treatment.

Latest Research on the Arthritis Treatment

Experts are still finding ways on how to treat arthritis with stem cell therapy. Although the treatment is in use but its still not considered a common practice. Doctors believe that it is a developing treatment and there is still no strong evidence on its effectiveness. There is no proof if stem cell therapy alone is enough to treat arthritis.

Much of the evidence on treatment of arthritis comes from the damage in knee. It still does not determine if the success of treating knee arthritis with stem cells will be similar to when treating other parts such as shoulder.

how to treat arthritis using stem cell therapy
healthy joint compared to arthritis joint

Successful therapies have resulted in pain relief and improved body function. Furthermore, the evidence of bone formation and cartilage regrowth is quite less. Making it hard to find the exact reason for the improvements.

Discovery of the complete treatment is still under debate. Still according to the experts in near future all orthopedic disease can be treated using stem cell therapy. Till then doctors and patients both have to wait for further evidence on this subject.